31 July 2008

Colter Bay 2008!

Sam and I getting ready to go boating on Jackson Lake.
My little brother Sam was so excited when my grandparents and I finally made it up to Colter Bay.

Spence and I just after he got out of the FREEZING cold water.
My cute little cousin Eliza and I watching the boys have tube wars.
Proof that I got up. Yes, I have a difficult time staying up on a wakeboard. I'm working on it though!

25 July 2008

Summertime...more pics to come!

Richie and I went to the John Mayer concert last Monday and had so much fun!

I was able to tend my darling little cousin Paislee a few weeks ago and we had so much fun together. She is the cutest ever. I love her so much.

15 July 2008

A Great Reunion


The Posters...

So happy to see him!
My cute family welcoming Richie home.

Classic picture! This is an Indian outfit that Richie brought back for me. It took my mom a minute to realize who I was after I scared her. It was hilarious!

It was such a great day and so good to be able to spend some time with Richie. WELCOME BACK!