25 November 2009

They're here!

These past few weeks we've been so excited to find out that Jackson (our dog) is going to be a dad. The mom (a golden retriever) comes from a family who are friends of ours who happen to live a block away from us. The puppies finally came this morning! We all thought she was done having puppies when the 8th one came out but about while later 4 more came. She had 12 puppies! We couldn't believe it. Unfortunately, one little pup didn't make it. This is her first litter and she already knows exactly what to do and how to take care of them. They really are so cute and make the funniest squealing noises. We're so excited!

02 November 2009

Blackin out Wyoming

For Halloween, Rachel, Page and I went to the Utah vs. Wyoming game dressed head to toe in black. I even wore my black Uggs. We brought plenty of blankets and at halftime got lots of hot chocolate. The game was a little slow and we weren't doing that great, but then the U pulled through for us at the end. We ended up winning 22-10. It was a fun game to be at. I must say though, the U "blackout" game on Halloween night brings out some very interesting people. We sat next to "the Joker" who looked just like Heath Ledger in Batman. It was pretty creepy how much they looked alike.