25 February 2009

a little update...more to come.

I feel bad because I never have time to really blog anymore because of school. I had a great weekend skiing up in Park City with my family and Richie over Valentines and Presidents Day weekend. Unfortunately, Richie had his nice North Face jacket stolen out of the dressing room at Polo. We did all we could to try and see if we could catch whoever it was, but we didn't have much luck. There was not too much that could be done about it. I felt so bad. He went in for one second and then came out to show me and we walked around for a minute, then the next thing we knew, it was gone. We came home and quickly ordered a new one for very cheap off of a great website. Those five years at Sports Den paid off. We are just crossing our fingers that it will all work out!

09 February 2009


I have to give Ashley full credit for this post because I pretty much just copied and pasted it from her blog even though I wasn't tagged. There were a few things I changed..I'm not a big American Idol watcher, but for the most part it is the same. Thanks Ashley!
  • something that makes me happy right now: a long weekend coming up
  • favorite item on my Valentines menu: fondue
  • looking forward to: a ski weekend in Park City
  • something I don't want to pay for right now: Gas
  • something I dread: the many tests and quizzes coming up in the next week.
  • currently reading: textbooks...I wish I had a free moment to read a good book. 
  • Favorite trip in the last year: London/Ireland/Paris.
  • something I wish I could master: a foreign language.
  • best hair conditioner: Pureology Color Care (purple bottle)
  • best thing in my mail today: a late birthday card from my Grandparents.
  • Love or Hate Valentine's Day: LOVE it.
  • I am on a kick of: the stair-master at the gym and peanut M&Ms.
  • a luxury for me would be: a spa day once a month.
  • time of day I look forward to most: depends on the day. Today?...going to the gym.
  • current favorite song : You Found Me by The Fray
  • if I could go shopping right now, I'd buy: a pair of jeans, a fun dress or skirt, some cute tops and a nice pair of boots.
  • something I want to do more of: ski
  • least favorite thing of the past week: a weird rash that only lasted a few days luckily.
  • glad that: our house is almost finished. NO MORE WORKMEN!
  • love: hint of lime chips...forgot about those till recently.
  • TAGGED: Annie, Ann, Betsy, Candace, Kaitlyn and Meg.