02 June 2009

sign me up for summer

I never thought in a million years I would sign up for a summer semester at the U. I actually wrote down somewhere in my journal a few years back that the ONLY way I would ever take a summer semester was if it were a summer semester abroad. Well I am definitely not abroad, but am taking three classes this summer. I think I had the worst of the worst expectations because to be honest I am loving my classes. 
I am taking a math class that has taken me back to my freshman year of high school...geometry. The class also goes over a good chunk of statistics too, but for right now we are going over geometric shapes and learning about quadrilaterals, triangles and polygons. It is a great review because I have forgotten most of what I learned in 9th grade.I am glad I am going to have the whole summer to focus on this class, instead of trying to cram so much math (which isn't my subject) into six weeks. Another one of my classes is an educational psychology class that has been so fascinating. I love my professor and am so intrigued by everything she has taught us thus far. I am kind of sad that this class only lasts six weeks, but at the same time so thankful I won't be this busy with school the whole summer. My last class that I am taking is a technology class where I am learning how to create lessons and lesson plans all on the computer using different websites and software. I am surprised at how much I have already learned in this class. It does get a little boring at times, so I guess it is good that this one only lasts six weeks as well. 
I am a little disappointed that I wasn't open-minded to summer semesters in the past, because I have really liked my classes.