25 November 2008

I am so grateful for...

  • My Parents- I look up to them so much and am so grateful for all that they have done and given to me. I admire them so much and hopefully I can be as good as a parent as them one day. 
  • My 3 Little Brothers- I wanted a sister growing up so bad that sometimes I would ask for a sister for Christmas. I have learned that I am so blessed to have three little brothers who look out for me and are always there to laugh both at and with me. They are constantly keeping me entertained. 
  • Richie- I am so lucky to have a best friend that will always keep me laughing, listen to my pointless stories, give me the best advice, plan the best dates for me, give me the nicest compliments, help me by providing encouragement in tough situations, and so much more. 
  • My Friends- I wish school didn't rule my life right now so I could play with them more often. I have the greatest friends who provide the best support and even though I don't see some of them very often, we can always pick back up right where we left off.
  • My Religion- I am so grateful to be a member of the church. I love it with all my heart and am thankful for all that it has taught me and done for me.
  • My Education- Even though school stresses me out to the point where I start complaining about every little assignment, I really am so lucky to have to opportunity to go to college. It's something I take for granted too often.
  • Jackson- My yellow lab. We recently have become roommates while my family is finally finishing remodeling our house. Despite his 2:00 am meals, drinks, and baths, which wake me up every time, I still love him.
There are so many more things I am grateful for, these are just a few of the more important ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

09 November 2008

Delta Gamma Mother/Daughter Luncheon

7 of the 11 seniors remaining!
My cute mom and I.
Best Friends since day one of Kindergarten. Love you Abs!
Love you guys so much!

03 November 2008

Goodbye October...Hello November!

DG Formal
Richie and I and my beautiful flowers he gave me before formal.
A good portion of the seniors! I can't believe that was my second to last formal!

We spent Halloween night at Scott Nelson's cabin playing games, going on a midnight hike and laughing till our stomachs hurt. We were dressed up as jail birds but we had to put on some warmer clothes to go on a midnight hike up to some mine caves. Scott sure does know his way around in the dark, I think everyone was amazed we found it. All we had was one little headlight, but we made it in the dark, in the rain. The cave was really neat so it was well worth the hike.
Happy November 1st!
Richie's pumpkin turned out to be a lot better than mine. I don't know why but I thought polka dots would look really cool, but it really didn't turn out like I planned. I think they need to be smaller next time.

Two weekends ago, we went up to my cabin in Monte Cristo with Richie's roomates Ben and Buzz and their two friends Laura and April. There were so many funny things that happened this trip along with a good game of apples to apples, Reeses smores (thanks for the idea Ashley! They were amazing), and some good story telling. We made good friends with one of the servers at the Jackson Inn Cafe in Huntsville. Go visit him, his name is Wyatt.

A couple of weeks ago, Trish, Sallee, Sissy, my mom and I made carmel apples and carmel chocolate covered pretzels. We learned that it is a lot harder than it looks to make a carmel apple. We dipped the apple in carmel, then white chocolate and then cinnamon sugar. They were a lot like Rocky Mountains, but we agreed they tasted better. 
The apples...
The pretzels...