27 February 2008

Good Times

"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is before you can meet again. And meeting again after a moment or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends."
- Richard Bach

Luck of the Irish

Our weekend trip to Dublin this last weekend was so much fun. I don't think I have laughed so hard in such a short amount of days. Our hostel that we stayed in was so great. We were a little nervous that it was going to be sketch but it turned out to be perfect. Ireland has some of the best food EVER! The brown soda bread is amazing. On Friday we took a tour to the Cliffs of Mohr and to the Bunratty castle. I loved it! The people on our tour were a little crazy and somewhat scary but the tour itself was awesome. I loved Bunrattty. I think this has been my favorite castle so far. It was gorgeous. And yes they let you touch most everything so that is nice. It was such a fun trip. I am glad I went..

07 February 2008

Red Velvet

The red velvet cupcakes are from a bakery called hummingbird on portobello road. Let's just sat they were DIVINE. We will for sure be going back there, probably tomorrow. The other picture is of the crew out in front of Sacre Couer. That was our first day in Paris. The other pic is us at Laduree. The man in the background is the man who bought our macaroons for us. He for sure had some big bucksss. you should have seen his fat diamond ring. We were grateful we made friends with him. More people should be like him.

03 February 2008

I see Paris, I see France

This is our first night in Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower. It was so beautiful because the sun was just setting. We climbed about 700 stairs just to get to the second level. The line to take the elevator was nearly an hour and a half wait and by the time we would get up top the sun would be gone. It was well worth the climb and it burned off a lot of those calories that I've been taking in every second. 

Home Sweet Home

Here is my room...my bed is the closest one with the blue towel and I am on the top bunk. It kind of sucks having to climb it every day and night but at the same time it is fun being up top. I'm mad that I don't really have a wall to lean against though, I guess I do but my shelf is in the way. Everyone else up top has a wall that they can sit up against. Oh well. Life's still great. 

Sojie and the Chocolate Factory

This is Meg and I at the chocolate bar inside of Harrods. First of all we discovered a chocolate bar that sold little truffle chocolates of every flavor you could imagine. The one with marzipan in it is the best. It was actually a whole room lined with a bar and then also little bars inside the room of pure chocolate and fudge. It was truly amazing. But after walking around Harrods which is close to the size of a small country, we discovered the real chocolate bar. They serve pure melted chocolate in small shot size glasses along with hot chocolate of many different flavors. It was great. We had to stop and get some hot chocolate, and I must say that it is some of the best hot chocolate that I have ever had, which says a lot because I'm pretty picky when it comes to hot chocolate. This place was also on Oprah and she said it usually has a pretty long line so when Meg and I happened upon it and saw no line we had to stop. It was another great day at Harrods.

The Beauty of Shows

This is us snarfing down on some chocolate during the intermission of The Importance of being Earnest. The play was actually really good and really funny. It was easier to understand because I had read the play before hand by Oscar Wilde. It was a really fun night with the whole group. I can't complain when the professors buy us tickets to shows. There are so many more we still need to see. Next on the list is Wicked and Women in Black. I have heard great things about both of those so I'm really excited. I think we're also going to try to get tickets to Phantom and also Sound of Music soon too. I'm sad because we missed Marry Poppins, but that's okay because we got to see Lion King and Les Mis. As you can tell intermission is always fun too.