24 January 2008

This is Meg and I soaking wet. The second day we were here. It poured rain all day long. This was one of the days where we had to walk a ton so at one point we didn't even care how wet we were. I am so grateful that I got that arcteryx waterproof coat. It has been my lifesaver on the days it rains. It looks cold, but on the days it rains it's not that cold and then the days it's sunny there is quite a bitter chill. All in all it was well worth the walk in the rain.

First night in London

This was our first night in London. We went and saw Les Miserables. It was such a good play but so so hard staying awake for all of it. I can't believe none of us hadn't slept in over 24 hours. It was good to get out on the town though after being on a plane for so long. It was also Betsy's (the girl next to me) birthday. After Les Mis we went out and got dessert at a nice restaurant. 


I have the best friends and family in the world. There were so many goodbye parties thrown for me that I kind of felt like I was going to be gone for like ten years. Sports Den threw me a goodbye dinner at Porcupine Grill the Thursday before I left. I really do consider them my second family. It's crazy how close you get to your co-workers after four years. Then the next night my friends threw me a going away dinner at Rio. It was fun to see all of my friends come stop by. I loved it. Then on Sunday my family threw me a big goodbye/birthday party. It was good to have both grandparents there. The next few days after that I spent saying goodbye to close friends. It's weird now that I am here in London I feel like I haven't seen any of my friends for months. I have only been here two weeks though. I'm glad I was able to spend my last week in Salt Lake with so many people. It was a good goodbye week. I miss everyone so much though and I hope they are all doing well.