16 June 2008

the best nights sleep

The other night it was so slow at Sports Den that we started asking each other random questions and someone asked me where the best night of sleep I have ever had was. It was such a random question so it took me a minute to figure it out. I can't believe I didn't think of it right off the top of my head because it really was the best night of sleep I can ever remember. About a year ago from right now I was lucky enough to go stay at a friends beach house with my mom and a couple of other good family friends in Laguna. This beach house is so beautiful and charming and is literally right on the beach. It looked like a beach house out of an Anthropologie catalog. I fell in love immediately. My bedroom that I stayed in had two double beds in it. The beds were so cozy and soft that it was hard to get out of them once you were laying in them. We flew into Cali that night and so when we got to the beach house we stayed up and had a little girl talk and then got ready and went to bed. It was a little hot in our room so Sallee and I opened the windows. There was just the perfect breeze outside and you could smell the fresh ocean. The sound of the waves were just perfect. They weren't so loud that it was hard to fall asleep, they were just soft and perfect. We both instantly fell asleep and the next morning woke up pretty early but we were refreshed and ready to hit the beach, which was surprising...the girl talk lasted till the wee hours of the morning the night before. That is by far the best night of sleep I have ever had and also one of the most relaxing and fun trips. 

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