12 October 2008

REAL Game & DG Drive In

We were so lucky to get tickets to the REAL game this last Thursday. It was well worth it to sit in the cold for a few hours. 
It was the first game at the new Rio Tinto Stadium!!! It was so new and nice that parents were letting their children crawl on the ground underneath the seats. Gross!
This was the night of DGs at the Drive In. Look at how cute our matching shirts were. 
We had the best set up. We took my dad's truck along with our air mattress, two giant pillows and hundreds of blankets. I am so glad we went prepared because it was a cold night. Luckily we stayed very warm.


Candace & Winston said...

You two are freaking adorable!! Soooooo fun seeing you today.. Please lets do something soon:) xoxo

meg said...

hi stranger!!! umm cutest blog ever... so i just got home from europe and couldn't help but think of you every time i saw maltesers and unfortunately I think revels are just and england thing (we already knew that though) because i searched everywhere in germany. i did go in a tesco and had a moment of silence, and i also went in a topshop.....i miss london, and i miss you!!!