22 December 2008

December Fun

In the midst of finals we decided to take a break and head up to Midway and Heber to visit the lovely Dairy Keen. Afterwards we stopped by a friends cabin and had a good game of ping pong. It was so nice to get away from the books and forget about school for a minute.
On December 15th Richie turned 21! We celebrated by going to Rodizzio, which is always a fun experience. The people at Rodizzio were so nice to bring him this dessert as well as a fun birthday song.
After Rodizzio we were going to go ice skating, but by the time we were finished eating, they were closed, so we went and visited the lights at Temple Square. 
This last Saturday we ran around town trying to find a cheap sled, and almost everywhere we went were out of sleds. We finally bought one at Big 5 and had such a fun time at Popperton Park. It was a good investment because we will get lots of use out of our yellow sled this year.

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