15 March 2009

St. George

We took a quick trip down to St. George this weekend because my cousin Dan got married. We left Friday afternoon, went to the wedding Saturday afternoon, then went on a quick hike to Slot Canyon and then headed home. It was a fun weekend and so good to just get away and see the warm sun for about a day.


Melissa said...

I am so glad you found my bog! Not too creepy haha jk. But, you guys went to the slots! So fun! We should have done that! Let's get together again soon! Cute blog!

West said...

Wow Sarajane. I just posted again after two years and check a post and saw yours from a year ago. Crazy. Well I will link it up.

West said...

What was your families again?

West and Jaimi and Family is


meg said...

sojlaroo...wow - you and richie are so beautiful. I seriously one day hope to hear your voice, and not just continue our friendship via blog posting :) -

anyway, i will talk to you soon! Love you!

West said...

Sauge, Whats your email? (actually send me your families as well)


meg said...

this is no joke.

we need to catch up.

and head to rexi.