16 August 2009

re-cap of summer trips

Colter Bay
Jackson Hole

Newport Beach

I can't believe it is September 1st today. This summer has literally flown by. Since I only had two weeks of summer, we were able to squeeze in some awesome trips. We went to Colter Bay with my family and camped for a few days. I love it up there. Then we went to California and played on the beach everyday. It was a perfect vacation to wrap up the summer before school starts and before Richie left for Jerusalem...which was today! I think it finally hit me that he will be gone for the next 3 1/2 months, but hopefully it will go by as fast as this summer did. 


Ashley said...

Such cute pictures. I want your red bikini. So darn cute. Let's get together asap for lunch. xoxo

meg said...

sojlarooni - you look fab. lets catch up with spoon me.

betsy b said...

you are a beautiful thing.

thanks for adding me to your blog.

i can't wait to catch up on reading it.

reunite soon? i hear your man is far far away. so you might need me to fill his void.