26 December 2009

Happy Holidays..

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone, and that 2010 is just a few days away. I am so thankful and grateful for all that I have and all the wonderful people in my life. As crazy as the holiday season is..I love being reminded of what is important. I have had an amazing year this past year. I am so grateful for Richie and all that he does for me. He is my best friend. I don't know anyone who I look up to more than him. He is such an amazing example to me and I have had so much fun spending so much time with him since he has been home. He is so incredible. I also am so lucky to have such an awesome family. Although all 3 of my brothers are younger than I am..I look up to them more than they know. Spencer is so generous and would do anything for anybody at the drop of a hat. He loves to serve as much as he can. He will be an incredible missionary in just a few months. Sam has always been there for me. Especially these last 4 months. Sometimes our schedules are so busy that we don't see each other for a few days, but he never goes more than 2 or 3 days without coming up to my room to check on me and to talk to me. Charlie is one of the kindest people I know. He is such a peacemaker. He never has a mean thing to say about anyone and he is always making sure everyone gets included. He is so thoughtful and always thinks positively. My Dad is such a hard worker and does so much to make sure he can do more than just provide for our family. I am sometimes so amazed at how my dad knows how to fix anything. I know he reads a lot but I honestly can turn to him whenever I need something fixed no matter what it is. My Mom is not only my mom in the family but she is my sister in the family too. Since I have no sisters, I rely on her to keep me sane. Like every mother and daughter we have our differences, but for the most part she is one who I can talk to like I would talk to a best friend. I am so grateful I have the gospel in my life and that I have it as my rock and foundation. I am so thankful for the knowledge we have today. I am grateful for my amazing friends. They have always been there for me. I have been blessed with so many friends in my life and I have learned from their examples. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such incredible people in my life. Happy New Years!

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megara said...

my nf twin,

your fam is so awesome! tell them i say hi and SERIOUSLY lets get together this month!

love you!