18 March 2010

Loving this Weather

As much as I hate losing an hour of sleep when we "spring forward," I love that it is still light outside at 7:30. This past week has truly felt like Spring and I am so happy about it.  
  • I have loved the sun warming up the inside of my car.
  • I have loved having my sun roof open.
  • I have loved not wearing a coat everywhere I go.
  • I have loved getting out of class at 7:00 and still having it light outside.
  • I have loved running in refreshing air as opposed to the sweaty, muggy air at the gym.
  • I have loved the fact that flowers will be blooming any day now.
Let's hope this streak continues and we don't get hit with a big snowstorm anytime soon. 

1 comment:

Abby Henriod said...

Can't believe you're running! So proud of the bride-to-be!