03 February 2008

Sojie and the Chocolate Factory

This is Meg and I at the chocolate bar inside of Harrods. First of all we discovered a chocolate bar that sold little truffle chocolates of every flavor you could imagine. The one with marzipan in it is the best. It was actually a whole room lined with a bar and then also little bars inside the room of pure chocolate and fudge. It was truly amazing. But after walking around Harrods which is close to the size of a small country, we discovered the real chocolate bar. They serve pure melted chocolate in small shot size glasses along with hot chocolate of many different flavors. It was great. We had to stop and get some hot chocolate, and I must say that it is some of the best hot chocolate that I have ever had, which says a lot because I'm pretty picky when it comes to hot chocolate. This place was also on Oprah and she said it usually has a pretty long line so when Meg and I happened upon it and saw no line we had to stop. It was another great day at Harrods.

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