09 November 2008

Delta Gamma Mother/Daughter Luncheon

7 of the 11 seniors remaining!
My cute mom and I.
Best Friends since day one of Kindergarten. Love you Abs!
Love you guys so much!


Heather said...

ahhh that was so much fun! i loved playing the "what foods do you hate game!" your mom is so darling. love your sojie

Ashley said...

The good old days...I miss those luncheons! So cool that you're one of the seniors still around. I loved that.

meg said...

soj...do we both live in the same state? let alone...attend the same university?? hint: if you ever want to find me, I'm usually in one of 4 places...the library, class, somewhere food is, and occasionally work. where might i run into you?

love the pics... especially cherbear...tell your mom i say hi!love you!