26 May 2009

memorial weekend

Over memorial weekend Richie and I had a great time doing so many things. I don't know how the weekend is already over. It flew by so fast. Over the long break, we loved: 
  • hitting up the outlets in P.C.
  • going 4-wheeling in Midway 
  • wandering around Cascade Springs 
  • visiting Chad who just got home from a mission 
  • visiting graves 
  • having the first campfire of the summer up at my cabin 
  • making tin foil dinners and s'mores
  • seeing "Night at the Museum II" 
  • visiting grandparents
  • going out for sushi
I can't believe June is almost here. I am so excited for summer and hopefully it won't fly by as fast as this last weekend did (even though I'll be in school). I am still so excited for the little weekend trips, the days at the pool, campfires, boating... I could go on and on. I am loving the warmer weather!


Ann Barlow said...

I expect to see you often this summer! What are we waiting for?!

meg said...

soj- i am a horrible person. i hope you know the love that i have for you :) -- im headed to NY with my mom until sunday and if you still like me i'd love to really get together with you next week!

p.s. - sounds like a way fun weekend! me and thayners went fishing :) you guys should come with us next time!!