11 May 2009


This last Thursday Richie and I headed to St. George to stay with the Bennions and also take a quick day trip Vegas to see a family that he taught during his last weeks in India. They came to the U.S. to visit some family for about a month. They are such a sweet family and so incredibly generous and giving. It was such a great experience. I had heard so much about them and was so excited to finally meet them. Richie raves about Shanti's (the mom) cooking, and while we were at dinner she offered to teach me how to make Chicken Biryani and a few other Indian dishes sometime. I can't wait!

They took us to a really nice Indian restaurant that was so delicious. I had a lot of fun trying new things, and surprisingly I loved everything I ate. 

We were able to walk the strip for a little bit before we met up with Shanti's family. I wish we would have taken more pictures, but this is the only one on the strip. 
My dad was down in St. George on Friday for a golf tournament and he was able to get Richie into the tournament Friday morning. I was the designated golf cart driver.

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Daniel and Elizabeth said...

um, soj...daniel and I were also in Vegas this weekend....how did we not run into eachother on the strip? that would have been so fun!