03 February 2010

What's going on...

I promise I haven't completely forgotten all about my blog. It's been so crazy since Christmas and I wish I had more time to blog, but unfortunately I don't. Here is a quick re-cap of January:

::New years eve- Cafe Rio take out and a scone party at the Laird house.
::School starts- This is the last full semester I will have to take!
::Jazz games- Let's hope this winning streak never ends.
::Abby moves to NYC- One of my best friends has moved all the way across the country!
::My birthday- I feel so old now that I'm 23. Thank you to everyone who made it such a wonderful birthday!
::We brought home one of Jackson's puppies...still arguing over a fitting name. Any suggestions?
::Reading with Madeline- Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I work on reading with the cutest little girl. She is in 1st grade at the Madeline Choir School and her name is Madeline.
::Homework- I have barely found time even to do laundry these past few weeks.

As much as I love my birthday, I am happy that February is here. One of my new years resolutions is to balance my time a little better. It's been hard to do with school, work and homework, but I think I have finally found a schedule that works. Another resolution is to exercise more. The past few weeks I have been going to a spinning class on Wednesday mornings and it has kept me motivated to work out. Each time I leave the class, I like spinning a little more. I have also learned to love to run. I have had to run on the treadmill, because the air has been so crappy and I'm not a big fan of running when it's freezing outside. I'm not going to lie, there are times when I get a little bored on the treadmill so I have become a big fan of the stair master, elliptical, and even some of the weight machines. There are lots of things to look forward to this month. Here is another quick list:

::Hair appointment- I love not seeing roots. It is the best feeling!
::Weeked trip to St. George- I'm just excited to get away for a few days.
::Valentines- I think Richie and I may make a yummy dinner.
::Presidents Day- I am a very big fan of long weekends. Too bad I still have to work.

I promise my next blog post won't be a month and a half away. I hope everyone has had a wonderful year so far. Happy February!

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Jill Jones said...

i want a puppy!!!!! i wish so badly we could have gotten one. They are so stinking cute, soj! We still need to have a lunch/dinner date soon. love you!!!