29 January 2009

Happy 21st! Happy 22nd!

I know I'm a little late, but here are some pictures from both Richie's birthday and my birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone. It was one of the greatest birthdays ever, especially because Richie took me on the most amazing date. He surprised me by taking me up to the Canyons ski resort to take about a 25 minute sleigh ride up to a lodge. At the lodge we then put snowshoes on and snowshoed up to a yurt! We then had a delicious Norwegian 5 course meal. They also had a live piano music for us while we ate. It was such a great night and I had so much fun! See the pictures below...they don't go in order unfortunately.

This was right after dinner in front of our giant sleigh.
We are at the Viking Yurt..so we had to try on the viking hat.
We had a great dinner.
This is the main entryway of the yurt. So beautiful and charming!
You can barely see the yurt in the background.
A little late, but this was from Richie's birthday! 
The cake is a lot better than it looks...
I promise I wasn't the only one at my birthday party. Thanks mom for the two cakes!

Thanks everyone who helped me celebrate and make it such a great birthday! I have the best friends and family!


Ashley said...

I am so glad the yurt turned out great - isn't that the coolest thing? The pictures are GREAT. I was so excited when Richie told me what he was doing for you. Hope to see you guys soon!

Candace & Winston said...

Sooo cute. I seriously love you two together!! Happy Late Birthday to you:) Can we please get together soon? i'd love to hear all the latest in your life!

Shellie Simpson said...

I have always wanted to go to that restaurant. Was it amazing?